Sara Bayley


As a naturopath I believe that we have an innate wisdom which, if we can follow it, will keep us healthy and guides us to do what we love. When we feel out of balance we can use this as a message from our bodies that something is wrong.

I practice Functional Medicine and Biofeedback. I’m passionate about supporting my clients in finding the root cause of illness and in offering natural ways to recover. My background is in traditional chinese medicine and I use a blend of this knowledge along with energetic stress testing and the most cutting edge lab tests to really understand the different layers of my clients health picture.

Test results are explained in detail and used to create a programme which removes the blocks to health through tailored nutrition, cleansing, movement, stress reduction, sleep and play.

I have a special interest in the health of the digestive system and how that affects all the other systems of the body including emotional state, hormone levels, immunity, energy production and chronic illness. 

I am passionate about empowering my clients so that they understand what led to their symptoms and what they themselves can do to recover.

Sara Bayley

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Telephone: 07882 801471